I'm Adem

I'm a Frontend Software Engineer with a strong passion for building web applications with great user experiences.
Here's a bit more about me.

Here are some of my projects

  • Ultraverse Nft World

    Html, CSS, Javascript, React

    A static NFT marketplace app created to buy, sell and trade NFT’s, transformed into an interactive user interface using carousels, animations and transitioning. This responsive website uses Axios to dynamically pull data from a cloud API and represent it through skeleton loading states, dynamic routing, and pagination.

  • Netflix Clone

    React, Tailwind, JavaScript, Firebase, IMDB API

    A cloned Netflix app featuring different categories of movies which have been dynamically pulled using the IMDB API. This website implements an authentication using firebase as well as Firestore cloud storage database.

  • React Library E-Commerce Website

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React

    A fully responsive React E-commerce website created with HTML5, CSS3 (+BEM), React and Javascript. This websites functionality performance includes sorting, adding and removing books to and from the cart and also automatically calculates the total pricing.